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Who We Are

At Balance, we design, build and install acoustic systems that make every room sound clear and crisp. From conference rooms to auditoriums, every space is designed to invite people into a shared experience where every seat sounds like it is front and center.

Acoustic Harmony Through Technology

Our Process


By performing an Auralization using the STIPA index, we get an accurate measurement of the room acoustics, sound system performance, signal interference, and more.


We create a predictive model of the room with design solutions to reach maximum intelligibility. Solutions include acoustic treatment, sound system tuning, and additional options.


Our fabrication team builds your custom acoustic treatments to suit your space, with fabrics of your choosing.


Our installation team brings everything into balance with the installation of the acoustic treatment solutions.

Implementation of Acoustic Design

Before acoustic design implementation


Analysis of room before enhancements. Max STIPA Score of .57, well below recommended level for sound clarity.

After Acoustic system implementation


Analysis of room after enhancements. Max STIPA Score of .82, bringing sound clarity into a much more desirable range.

Absorber Panels

Absorber panels are used in a wide variety of venues to control unwanted reflections in enclosed spaces. Houses of Worship, Educational, Government and Corporate environments, Theatres, Gymnasiums, and Auditoriums can all benefit acoustically through the proper use of Balance Acoustic Solutions absorber panels.

acoustic panel anatomy

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